Clip 1 - 25 July 2019 - Law 20

Scrumhalf Reynier van Rooyen of Mpumalanga's Pumas, puts the ball into a scrum. The Pumas hook the ball. The scrum wobbles and then Van Rooyen runs off, shouting "Ja Ja Ja". He is clearly trying to give the impression that the ball is about to be passed to him.

The pre-abbreviated laws still apply. This is from the book.

Law 20.9 (h): Scrum half: Dummying: A scrum half must not take any action to make the opponents think that the ball is out of the scrum while it is still in the scrum.
Sanction: Free Kick

Van Rooyen was certainly free kickable, but the wobbly scrum fell down and the referee adjudged Griquas to be guilty and penalised them. advert