Clip 3 - 29 July 2019 - Law 12

Griquas attack. Centre André Swarts breaks. He passes to flank Gideon van der Merwe on his right. Near the Blue Bulls goal-line but under pressure Van der Merwe attempts to pass to Zak Burger on his right.

The ball goes to ground and bounces up again. Burger grabs the bouncing ball and scores a try. The referee awards the try, saying: It bounced forward. It's not a forward pass."

Pre-abbreviated Law 12 DEFINITION: THROW FORWARD
A throw forward occurs when a player throws or passes the ball forward. 'Forward' means towards the opposing team's dead-ball line.

EXCEPTION: Bounce forward, if the ball is not thrown forward but it hits a player or the ground and bounces forward, this is not a throw forward.

The referee was right. advert