Clip 2 - 31 July 2019 - Law 20

Divan Rossouw, the Blue Bulls fullback, drops the ball forward, which results in a scrum five metres from the Blue Bulls' line.

Zak Burger of Griquas pouts the ball into the scrum and they heel the ball but immediately the Blue Bulls get a shove on and Griquas are backpedalling. They get the ball but the referee awards a free kick against them, saying: "Green 6 playing the ball in the tunnel."

*Green” is the name the referee uses for Griquas who play in peacock blue and white. It is unclear why they cannot be called Griquas, which is the name they call themselves.

Green 6 is the Griquas left flank Gideon van der Merwe.

Abbreviated Law 19.38 Other restricted practices at a scrum include:
e. Non-front-row players playing the ball in the tunnel
Sanction: Free-kick.

Pre-abbreviated Law 20.9 SCRUM – GENERAL RESTRICTIONS
(f) Locks and flanks: Staying out of the tunnel. A player who is not a front-row player must not play the ball in the tunnel.
Sanction: Free Kick advert