Clip 3 - 5 September 2019 - Law 5

Water-bearer Removed

An assistant referee makes contact while play is in progress. At the stoppage the referee goes back to the assistant referee who reports a water-bearer of abusing him. He tells the referee that he has had enough of the abuse and is unable to do his job properly. He identifies the person involved who has WATER across his back. The man in question gestures, suggesting that it was somebody else who was the guilty party, but he is told to leave the field, which he does.


28. Appropriately trained and accredited first-aid or immediate (pitch-side) care persons may enter the playing area to attend to injured players at any time it is safe to do so.
29The following may enter the playing area without the refereeā€™s permission, provided they do not interfere with play or make any comments to the match officials:
a. Water-carriers during a stoppage in play for an injury to a player or when a try has been scored.
b. A person carrying a kicking tee after a team has indicated they intend to kick at goal or a try has been scored.
c. The coaches attending to their teams at half-time.

For a medic or water-bearer to abuse their freedom by attempting to interfere with the orderly running of the match is clearly not acceptable. advert