Clip 3 - 17 October 2019 - Law 18

Why no quick throw-in?

Ruben de Haas, the USA's scrumhalf, kicks to clear as Sonatane Takulua, the Tongan scrumhalf, attempts to charge the ball down. The ball goes into touch where Viliami Lolohea, the Tongan left wing, catches the ball. The assistant referee is indicating that the throw-in would be for the USA because Takulua had touched the ball in attempting to charge down De Haas's kick. Lolohea drops the ball onto the ground. Mike Te'o (23) of the USA runs up, picks up the ball and takes a quick throw-in to De Haas who runs off with the ball.

The referee stops play and has a lineout, the USA to throw in.

Why no quick throw?

Law 18. 5 A quick throw is disallowed, and a lineout awarded to the same team if
b. The ball had been touched after it went into touch by anyone other than the player throwing in or the player who carried the ball into touch.

The ball went into touch, Lolohea caught it and so there was no possibility a quick throw-in by the USA.

The referee and his assistant were right. advert