Clip 3 - 4 November 2019 - Law 8

Tee Timing

The referee penalises Jacob Stockdale of Ireland for a deliberate knock-on. There is a lapse of time while Garry Ringrose goes off with bleeding from his brow and his place is taken by Jordan Larmour. When play is do to restart, Kieran Read, New Zealand's captain, and his goal-kicker Richie Mo'unga are at the mark of the penalty, apparently deciding where to kick for goal or for the posts. The referee makes their mind up, saying to Mo'unga: "You've got the kicking tee. You must go for the posts."

19. The kicking team must indicate their intention to kick for goal without delay.
20. If the team indicates to the referee the intention to kick at goal, they must kick at goal. The intention to kick can be communicated to the referee or signalled by the arrival of the kicking tee or sand, or when the player makes a mark on the ground. advert