Clip 1 - 13 Feb 2020 - Law 9

Uncontested Maul

The Lions are on the attack and, in defending the Reds infringe, so much so that tighthead Taniela Tupou is yellow carded. The Lions kick out for another five-metre lineout. Marvin Orie goes up to catch the ball and brings it down. The Reds make no contact with the Lions. The Lions gather in a maul-sequel formation and drive at the wing. Orie is at the front of the group, his backs to Reds' goal-line and facing his own team, arms stretched out with the ball towards Marnus Schoeman. The Lions group drives over the line, fall down and score a try credited to Marnus Schoeman.

The try is given.

What about obstruction?


1. When a player and an opponent are running for the ball, neither player may charge or push the other except shoulder-to-shoulder.
2. An offside player must not intentionally obstruct an opponent or interfere with play.
3. A player must not intentionally prevent an opponent from tackling or attempting to tackle the ball-carrier.
4. A player must not intentionally prevent an opponent from having the opportunity to play the ball, other than by competing for possession.
5. A ball-carrier must not intentionally run into an off-side team-mate to obstruct the opposition.
6. A player must not obstruct, or in any way interfere with an opponent while the ball is dead.
Sanction: Penalty.

First of all, if Orie has the ball throughout, the matter of obstruction does not arise, as the Reds have unimpeded access to him.

If Schoeman has the ball, there is no attempt by the Reds to tackle him. There is no contact at all by Reds with Lions.

The try seems the correct decision. advert