Clip 1 - 18 Feb 2020 - Law 15

"Ball's Out"

After Marika Koroibete of the Rebels scores a try, the Waratahs kick off to their left. Michael Wells of the Rebels catches the ball and is tackled by Michael Hooper of the Waratahs. A tackle/ruck ensues with the ball on the Rebels' side. Scrumhalf Ryan Louwrens of the Rebels plays with the ball with his foot, and the referee calls: "The ball's out. The ball's out." Alex Newsome of the Waratahs dives on the ball, and the referee, insisting that the ball was out, allows play to go on.

On the positive side, this could be said to enabling players to play with greater confidence, knowing for sure that the ball was available to be played, thus removing uncertainty. On the other hand, it sounds like a call to arms, specifically to the Waratahs, and that could be seen as coaching and therefore favouring. It would be different if Newsome had asked the referee if the ball was out and the referee had answered his question.

There is a similar to this - when the referee holds his arm up at a lineout to indicate that the lineout is not over and then drops the arm, telling the defenders that the lineout is over, thereby inviting them to close the 10-metre no-go area.

Surely it is not a referee's job to help a team. advert