Clip 2 - 18 Feb 2020 - Law 6

Stopping Play

Robbie Abel of the Waratahs throws into a lineout near the half-way line. Rob Simmons wins the ball for the Waratahs who move the ball to the right where the defence is well organised. Michael Wells of the Rebels tackles Tom Staniforth of the Waratahs, and a contest for the ball ensues. The referee is close to the action when Simmons knocks him to the ground. The referee lands on his back while Wells gets possession of the ball and passes it back to Matt Gibbon. Then the whistle goes. The referee stops play, saying: "Boys, I've been taken out. I couldn't see what happened there." He orders a scrum, Waratahs ("Blue") ball.

Not being able to see what happened/being unsighted is surely no reason to stop play. Taken to extremes: "I did not see the pass and so we'll stop play."

The referee is required to stop play for an infringement that he sees and is clearly and obviously wrong, not because he did not see what happened. If he did not see anything, certainly anything wrong, play should go on. In a match of this status, he has three others, assistant referees and TMO, to do some looking for him.

Play should have gone on. advert