Clip 1 - 5 June 2020 - Law 14

Tackle Penalty

Wales are under pressure, but their forwards control the ball some five metres from their goal-line, and Gareth Davies, their scrumhalf, kicks the ball downfield towards the touchline on his right. Handré Pollard, South Africa's flyhalf, gathers the awkwardly bouncing ball and passes it to his fullback, Willie le Roux, on his right. Le Roux runs with the ball but Welsh flank Aaron Wainwright (6) tackles Le Roux around the lower legs, bringing the fullback to ground. Immediately, Welsh lock, Alun Wynn Jones, firmly on his feet, bends down, hands to the ball. South African prop Tendai Mtawarira seeks to drive Wynn Jones off the bal, but Le Roux hangs onto it.

The referee penalises Le Roux.

A tackle can take place anywhere in the field of play. The actions of players involved in the tackle must ensure a fair contest and allow the ball to be available for play immediately.

What Wainwright does to Le Roux is certainly a tackle.

Law 14:Tackled players must immediately:
a. Make the ball available so that play can continue by releasing, passing or pushing the ball in any direction except forward. They may place the ball in any direction.
b. Move away from the ball or get up.
c. Ensure that they do not lie on, over or near the ball to prevent opposition players from gaining possession of it.
Sanction: Penalty.

Le Roux does none of the three actions required of him in his attempt to prevent Wales from getting the ball.

The decision is clearly and obviously correct. advert