Corner Flag and a Try

By Referees Department

Here is something that maybe happens once every decade. When it happens, you need to know the law instinctively.
Wales 14 dots the ball seemingly against the base of the corner post.


The TMO advises the referee that before the winger went into touch the ball was first grounded against the base of the corner post.

Try or in Touch-in-goal?
To make this decision the referee would take the following laws into consideration:

  • Law 21.15: If the ball or ball-carrier touches a corner flag or corner flag post without otherwise being in touch or touch-in-goal, play continues unless the ball is grounded against the post.
  • Law 1.9: One flag post is positioned at each intersection of the touch-in-goal lines and goal lines…
  • Law 18.1.a: The ball is in touch or touch-in-goal when the ball or ball-carrier touches the touchline, touch-in-goal line, or anything beyond.

The Outcome: The ball is in touch-in-goal.
Reason: The BASE of the flag post forms part of the touch-in-goal line and when touched by the ball it’s touch-in-goal.

How is the match restarted?

  • Law 21.4: When an attacking player holding the ball grounds the ball in in-goal and simultaneously makes contact with the touch-in-goal line or the dead-ball line (or anywhere beyond either), a 22-metre drop-out is awarded to the defending team. advert