Test Yourself

1. Red #7 jumps vertically upwards with his legs and feet in an attempt to avoid been tackled by Blue #8.

2. The winger jumps up to catch a high pass from his fullback. Just before he lands with the ball, he is tackled by the opposing centre and both go to ground.

3. After a successful PK, the non-scoring team restarts quickly with their players behind the ball. The scoring team players were still retiring to their 10m line, but crossed their halfway line, when the drop kick was taken.

4. A maul is formed. The ball carrier puts one knee on the ground. The defending players hold onto the ball carrier and ball. The maul ends unsuccessfully.

5. The ball is kicked (up & under) by Blue #10, 15m from Red’s goal line. It bounces off from Reds crossbar and Red #15 catches the ball and shouts “mark”.

6. Red #1 is tackled short from Blue’s goal posts. He reaches out and grounds the ball against the base of the pole padding. Blue #15 picks the ball up and kicks into touch.

7. A PK is awarded to Red. Red #10 has the kicking tee in his hand and has yet to indicate their intention whether to kick at goal. Red #9 takes a quick tap and dashes for Blue’s Goal line.

8. Blue #12 passes the ball to Blue #15. Before Blue #15 could catch the ball Red #13 intentionally hits the ball backwards towards his own dead ball line.

9. A ruck is formed, and the ball is playable for Team A. All players in Team B now leave the ruck and step back. The ruck has ended. True or False?

10. Picking up a ball in-goal by an attacking player is not considered grounding it for a score. True or False?

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