Test Yourself

1. A player receives a RED CARD because of an assistant referees foul play report. As soon as possible after the game:

2. A player, in front of his teammate who kicked the ball, is penalised. What is the correct sanction?

3. The kicking team kicks the ball directly into touch from a 22-metre dropout. The receiving team elects to accept the kick. From where can the throw-in be taken?

4. Blue 15 catches the ball inside the “22“, shouts “mark“ and is awarded with a free kick. However, he is injured and cannot take the free kick. What option, if any, is available to the Blue team?

5. Red is awarded a scrum. Once the ball is thrown in straight, Red pushes the scrum forward and then pivots by allowing its axis to turn beyond . Blue 7, while binding to his lock, scrums against Red 1 as a result of the axis turning beyond . What should the referee do?

6. A player with one foot on the 22m line and another outside the 22m line catches the ball in flight and shouts “mark“. The ball did not reach the plane of the 22m line when caught. What should the referee do?

7. The team is awarded a free kick, 5m from the opposition goal line. The player throws the ball onto his feet, catches the ball on the rebound and dives over for a try. What should the referee do?

8. The hooter sounds and the lineout was formed before the time expired. After the ball was thrown-in a Penalty Kick is awarded for “levering on an opponent“. The non-offending team opted for a scrum. What should the referee do?

9. With respect to players clothing, which of the following items are not permitted?

10. Which statement is false?

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