Sindile Ngcese

Born: 20 June 1977
Height: 1.78
Weight: 84 Kg
Home province: Eastern Province - Grahamstown
School attended: Nathaniel Nyaluza
Favourite country: South Africa
Favourite food: Umphokoqo

Rugby history:

Played Rugby for:

  • Nathaniel Nyaluza 1st XV school for 2 years and captain of the team.
  • SEDRU 1st XV and catain the team for 5years.
  • E.P 1st XV for 6 years (rural & country teams).
  • Rhodes University u/21


  • Lilly White RFC - played/coached and was captain for the team - 12 years
  • Rhodes University 1st XV for 5 years

Why You chose to become a referee:

I decided to stop coaching, as my heart was not in it anymore. I fell in love with the whistle, which allowed me to stay involved as it was with my friend when we started to ref at school.

Refereeing history:

Contender Squad 2014

National Panel 2015

Career highlights:

U/18 International Series - 2015

U/19 CC Final - 2015

U/20 CC Final - 2016

HSBC 7s Cape Town (AR)

Favourite international sportsperson:

Garry Teichman

Family connection to the sport:



Extend your hand to try and help where you can.

Who would you like to meet:

Pres. Thabo Mbeki


Eugene Daniels

Advice for new recruits:

Always work hard and put extra effort in.

Outside interests:

Work for Makana Municipality.

Trainer Maru FC.

Did you know?

I like and enjoy road running.. advert